Karma Trading

A Karma Trading website. Initially this started out where you could list your good deed on a website and someone who was in need of good karma could buy it. But it also included a section where you could give things away with bad karma – so something you inherited or someone stole – it’s got bad karma, so you want to just get rid of it.

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2 Responses to Karma Trading

  1. meyricke says:

    ha ha, I love this idea, it makes me laugh. I think it could work as a forum / blog / quirky website, but don’t think it will ever take off as a trading platform, as what could you do on this site that you cannot do easily on ebay (e.g. offload goods you don’t want- nobody wants to know about the bad karma i imagine) or charity sites like Kiva (i.e. rather than selling good deeds, individuals seeking good karma can donate to charity). Or am I not getting the concept of Karma…

    • gemmell says:

      The idea is that you’re feeding off people’s guilt. So they’re cheating on their wife, so they feel bad, they can buy some karma points back so they feel better. It’s entirely fictional currency, but if it makes people feel better about themselves, then it’s got some value!

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