This is a website where people who are too busy or just don’t care for shopping pay a subscription, upload a photo and some people in the fashion industry select clothes that are fashionable and suit them.

During sign up process you can set the preferences which are based on questions like “If you go out to dinner, what you prefer to wear” and it’s got two or three photos of you in suits, jeans, shorts etc. You can also select some of your favorite brands.

Then each month they get sent a selection of their photo decked out in various fashionable bits of clothing and you can select the ones they want, or alternatively they just get stuff selected for them.

The idea is that it’s a subscription based system, and they get clothes sent to them periodically – these people don’t even have time or they don’t care about clothes (i.e. they’re a geek like me).

Or you can set a level of how far back from the fashion bleeding edge you want to be. Maybe some people want to be sent the latest and greatest, but most people would want to be hip and cool (which is not bleeding edge).

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