Portable Doggy Poo Box

When we take the dog for a walk somewhere adventurous like The Ridge, we drive to the start point. We pick up our dog poo’s in a plastic bag and that’s fine. But then when we go to drive home, the car stinks up like nothing else. Very unpleasant. It would be better if we had a sedan, but there’s still a chance you’ll forget to take the crap out and it’ll stay in there and fester.

Enter my latest invention: It is a small box which sits on the tow bar or somehow attaches to the bumper on the back of the car. It has a small clasp so it doesn’t  open whilst driving (with fairly funny consequences)  and that’s essentially it.

The idea is that you put your bagged dog crap in the box, it’s external so it doesn’t stink up the car, and even if you forget it the consequences are pretty minor.

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