AR mirror

Not content with just having Augmented Reality, I was wondering if we could make an AR mirror. The idea here is that you could go into a ‘booth’ and look in the mirror and have it display garments on you. You can flick through them really quickly until you see one you like.

It should be possible using something like the Kinect to track people’s movements and a camera behind a screen which then displays the marked up image on a screen (which happens to be the screen they’re looking at).

You could then link the booth to an online shop, such that instead of renting out a shop, you just need to rent a booth. People could also have them in their homes. I don’t know how well it would work (some people enjoy shopping for new clothes), but it might just allow people to whittle down the potential items quickly by having the camera look at them, and correlate that with what’s in stock and what might suit them. Then they flick through them really quickly until they choose one. Maybe then they hit a button and an attendant can bring the garment to the room for them to try on for real.

A technically challenging thing to do though.

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