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So this stemmed from Lukes travels. He wants to write up his travel diary. So essentially this site would be a specific travel diary and would add some helpers to traditional HTML editing. You can add a place, and add photo’s to the place, you can add people (and photos to people), and then when writing you link to those entities in your log. Additionally, if that person already existed on the site it could link to their profile directly. Then you’d get these great degrees of separation where Sally met Bill in Spain, and then met Gertrude who had met the same Bill in Scotland.

Would be a great place to give specific advertising because you can analyse their logs and display ads for the region they’re going as well as where they are. Or do analysis on the places they’ve been and take a guess at where they’re going to next based on all the other data you’ve collected.

Apparently this exists (, see the next blog entry!

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