TravelFace – a cross between SnapChat and FaceBook

TravelChat is a facebook like social networking site that is geared towards youngsters traveling. They meet a lot of people, and those people get added to their list of “friends”. The difference is that this is a temporary relationship by default. It disappears. Data on there only lasts a certain amount of time.

The idea is that when you travel you make a lot of temporary friends who are also traveling. It’s good to know that Bill who you met in England is also in Barcelona and you can go out, ask q’s etc. So the people are removed by either a time limit by which you have not talked to someone, or they go outside your sphere of care (e.g. they go to south america and you’re not going to south america). The point is that you can remove those relationships or show only the posts relevant to you based on your current location or a planned trip agenda (Barry is in Sweden, which is your next step, might want to see what he’s been doing). Obviously you may want to make some relationships more concrete, and you can opt to stop people from disappearing, but otherwise it all just fades away, including your own account which disappears if not activated for some amount of time (e.g. 3 months).

What goes on holiday, stays on holiday. No employer can look you up in 10 years and deny you a job for what you did in Ibiza in 2008.

I particularly like the idea of “Sphere of Care” – I think it will appeal to the next generation.

The TravelFace name is good because it’s like a persona for your travels.

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