Bubblello – Trello but with Bubbles

The idea was that I needed a way to capture our “big picture” features as a bubble graph with the size being the priority. Perhaps what this tool is is a multi-dimensional trello board where the size of the bubble can be represented in different dimensions.

So imagine this: I’m using Bubblello to map out the big picture features of our product. I might have things like “MacOS version” and “Collaboration”, and on this dimension I’m modelling the demand (or importance) of the feature. So perhaps the MacOS feature is highly sought after so it’s a big bubble and the Collab not so much. And then I can “flip the cube” sort of thing so that I’m now looking at the same bubbles but from a different aspect: From this angle the size of the bubble represents the complexity (or time) of this task. So the MacOS feature might be small and the Collab big.

The idea is that you can create a bubble chart which you can look at from multiple angles. Perhaps one of the dimensions is a Trello like interface where you can categorise them into lists….

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