Magic dissappearing microfibre glasses case

I don’t know about you, but I lose the lit­tle microfi­bre sack that comes with sun­glass­es as soon as I take the glass­es out of it. I put the case wher­ev­er, and it’s nev­er seen again. So this idea is part mag­ic trick, part gim­mick, part prac­ti­cal. What we do is that we have that super fine microfi­bre sack attached to a tiny cord with a mech­a­nism such that after you’ve tak­en the glass­es out of the bag, and as you open the fold­able glass­es, it pulls the bag into the cav­i­ty in one of the arms of the glass­es. When you fold it again you can see an edge of the case pok­ing out of the arm of the glass­es and can tug it out and wrap it around the glasses. 

Take glass­es out of case. Open glass­es. Case dis­ap­pears. Mag­ic. There’s prob­a­bly a bunch of physics get­ting in the way here. But per­haps if you paired with a pro­fes­sion­al magi­cian they could build some­thing like this — it is after all a very sim­i­lar trick to all their others. 

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