Self Reflection: The health mirror

So this is a combination of two previous ideas. One is the smart mirror / mirror mirror on the wall idea where you have an AI like presence in the mirror that can display certain things. The other idea is this concept that recording a message for yourself when you’re up can help you when you’re down.

I’ve just learned about “mirror work” or “mirror play” – essentially it’s about self acceptance. And you stare at yourself and say “The world loves me”. The idea is that you begin to accept yourself. Now I wonder if you can make a smart mirror that can see you, notice your expression, and pop up a version of yourself that is happier, smiling, or says something like “Simon, the world loves you”. It’s technology for technologies sake, but perhaps there is an angle where an AI coach can be “watching out” for you, recognise your mood when you look in a mirror, and give you the prompts for you to recognise and fix the scenario.

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