Digital Advertising Business as Publishers

Publishing books is one industry that seems ripe for disruption. You can already self publish through a range of digital formats, most notably kindle & amazon, but this leaves anybody developing a children’s book which is meant to be a tactile thing you hold in your hands at the mercy of publishers. The main problem is that if you want to get your book published, and in bookstores, you need reach, and advertising. So I’m wondering if a digital advertising agency, or “creative agency” (e.g. can hire a guy who’s knowledgeable about publishing and use all the digital advertising techniques to get the book at the forefront of people’s mind, and set up a system that gets the book sellers to order directly from Amazon Print on Demand.

The point is just that they replace the traditional book publishers with a new method that achieves the same goal but passes on a bunch more money to the actual author.

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