Personal Mental Trainer

How many times have you heard that positivity is like a muscle that you need to train? “Say to yourself in the mirror XYZ every morning for 21 days” etc. Doing it is not so easy, and it’s the same problem as physical training, sometimes you just need someone to help you build that muscle or reach that goal. So my idea is to create a team of PMT’s (Personal Trainers of Mental Health).

So that’s what this is. A personal trainer for your brain. They’re not a clinical psychologist, they’re just someone who is bright and enthusiastic and can help you to go through the steps each morning or at some time after work to help you build your positive attitude, to break you out of your downward cycle.

This has to be cheap, like $30 per hour cheap, because it’s not psychology (even though it is), it’s an accessible and practical application of psychology to train the muscle in the brain. A set of exercises facilitated by someone with a strong personality, “tell me 3 things you love about yourself!”. Yes you can do them on your own, same as you can go to the gym on your own, but most people, especially those in a slump, need something or someone to help.

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