“Thrumm” based wind power generator

Inspired by the “thrumm” you hear when you have one win­dow down in the car and that alter­nat­ing pres­sure that results, I’m won­der­ing if you can build a box with a curved mem­brane in it that pops in one way and out the oth­er based on the changes in pres­sure. Attach a mag­net to that and you’re mov­ing a mag­net back and forth inside of a coil, boom, gen­er­a­tor. I can’t see it being more effi­cient than a prop­er three prop tur­bine, but per­haps there are some niche appli­ca­tions. It’d need some code/motors to tilt into the wind to get the right thrumm. Needs sig­nif­i­cant wind to work.

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