A chatbot to convince someone of evolution

I was talk­ing to some­one at work who said quite open­ly that he did­n’t believe in evo­lu­tion. “Believe in” evo­lu­tion! Like do you believe in air? You can’t see that either. Any­way, what I thought was that you can nev­er say the right things at the time, but there is log­i­cal ways to bring them around with­out chal­leng­ing their beliefs direct­ly, and that per­haps this is best done by a sophis­ti­cat­ed chat­bot that is there not to just chat about some­thing but to actu­al­ly change some­ones opin­ion. It is of course backed by facts, but it’s impor­tant for it to not just spout facts, because that does­n’t actu­al­ly con­vince peo­ple. Would be a hell of a challenge.

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