A chatbot to educate about climate change

I would like to write a bot that can answer ques­tions about cli­mate change at a lev­el that makes sense to the read­er. It’s pret­ty hard for a 7 year old to read wikipedia, so it has to to walk them through “air” and “mol­e­cules” and get all the way to talk­ing about the sun and solar sys­tems, but it sort of has to do it in lev­els so that they can ask ques­tions that have sim­ple answers to digest, but they can dig fur­ther. For instance, “What is cli­mate change?”, it is the warm­ing of our plan­et due to things called “gree­house gasses”. There are many parts to this top­ic, the sun, trees, cars, “fos­sil fuels”, what would you like to talk about?

Ide­al­ly it’d also be able to hold up to the cra­zies who don’t “believe in” it. Like the pre­vi­ous bot, it’d actu­al­ly be able to bring them around. 

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