A chatbot to educate about climate change

I would like to write a bot that can answer questions about climate change at a level that makes sense to the reader. It’s pretty hard for a 7 year old to read wikipedia, so it has to to walk them through “air” and “molecules” and get all the way to talking about the sun and solar systems, but it sort of has to do it in levels so that they can ask questions that have simple answers to digest, but they can dig further. For instance, “What is climate change?”, it is the warming of our planet due to things called “greehouse gasses”. There are many parts to this topic, the sun, trees, cars, “fossil fuels”, what would you like to talk about?

Ideally it’d also be able to hold up to the crazies who don’t “believe in” it. Like the previous bot, it’d actually be able to bring them around.

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