Video Chat Catch Up for Later

Per­haps this is now pos­si­ble with MS teams allow­ing plu­g­ins, but the idea is that when you have peo­ple who come late to a meet­ing, you either wait for them or you repeat your­self. With the VC4Later addi­tion to the VC plat­form the late par­tic­i­pant can hear every­thing that’s hap­pened up until this point on 2x speed. So if they are 5 min­utes late, they enter the con­ver­sa­tion at 10 min­utes hav­ing heard every­thing to this point. 

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  1. Walkiria says:

    I think is already avail­able for some plat­forms, I’ve used it in Youtube live events and Uni­ver­si­ty cours­es… I’ll be afraid to start devel­op­ing this, for Zoom and the oth­ers to add it as a new fea­ture before we finalise cod­ding it from scratch.

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