Cephalopod Based Robotic Exoskeleton For Farming

Talk­ing to my daugh­ter one evening, I realised I had no idea how the arms of an octo­pus even work. So after some research and my delight, I was entire­ly tak­en with mus­cu­lar hydro­sta­t­ics. Which got me think­ing about robots and their appli­ca­tions, and whether an 8 armed exoskele­ton that could walk on those arms like an octo­pus does could be use­ful. And I can see a world where flex­i­ble exoskele­tons replace trac­tors on farms. For instance 6 of the inde­pen­dent limbs could work togeth­er to cre­ate some pret­ty strong posi­tions to do some heavy lift­ing with the oth­er 2. It would be able to tra­verse any ter­rain, and have the ulti­mate adapt­able tool in the form of a ten­ta­cle (though they’re not actu­al­ly called ten­ta­cles on octo­pus, they’re arms, ten­ta­cles are different).

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