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These are garage/carport sized machines where you down­load a “pat­tern”, buy the raw mate­ri­als required and place QR stick­ers on them, and then the machine does the rest. Can build every­thing from fur­ni­ture to rock­et ships.

This works in 3 parts. There’s the pat­tern provider, sim­i­lar to 3d print­ing sites, there’s the raw mate­ri­als, which might work by sub­mit­ting your pat­tern to your local hard­ware store and hav­ing them deliv­er it, and the machine itself. 

If you can sell each machine for $20k there is prob­a­bly a pay­off with­in 10 years. You move into a house, install one of these things, and then any fur­ni­ture you want you can have it build. 

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